How to maximize Blue Cross Medicare Supplement plan?

There is always a possibility of unexpected and unforeseen turnout of events as relate to our health conditions and issues that may occur. Confusion and emotional trauma will surfaces when such situations arise. There are several component parts in the Medicare program which is significantly different. This offers unlimited opportunity for as many that take part in it. This plan involves part A, B, C and D.

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A: offers in-patient hospital care in addition to qualified & competent health care facilities for patients entitled to the program. It covers all seniors that are eligible. This is also called Medical insurance.

B: deals with simplest yet most significant assistance and provides medical testing, check up and therapies. This is called Hospital insurance.

C: It serves as substitute for parts A, B and often times D. It is also known as Medicare Supplement.

D: covers authorized drugs by medical personnel, it is expected you pick out a plan. Entitlement and cost varies. Signing up here is a matter of choice. This is Prescription Drug Coverage plan.

In C, private insurance companies provide various huge packaged plan and federal government pay a little. There are different benefits with each plan; some regulates cost while others offer exceptional benefits.

When can I get eligible for the program?

Upon retirement, there is an entitlement to take part in the benefits it offers, unless below the age of 65 years. Retirement at a younger age than 65 will not make you eligible but can opt for insurance health care.

How do I enlist for it?

If you only desire to partake of part A and B, then you need not sign up for a plan as long as you have social security. Upon eligible, the system automatically does the enlistment. If you have not received your social security number, then you will need to sign up for it at least 3 months before turning 65. Many who take part in parts A & B also sign up for Medigap. It offers payment for expenses that parts A & B leave behind.

What do I miss if I don’t sign up?

There is sanction with higher premiums if you don’t enlist upon becoming eligible. Premiums can be as much as 10% of the previous cost. You may also not get entitlement packaged in the plan when needed and have to wait till general enrollment.

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plans – why it is beneficial?

United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 – why it is beneficial?

It is always told that the key factor of taking the right supplement plan from the market is comparing the plans of the different private companies. Medicare Plan C the other name of which is Medicare Supplement plan is available from most of the reputed health insurance companies. So, from where you are actually purchasing the plan will surely be an important issue. Purchasing United Healthcare Medicare Supplement can always be beneficial.

Benefits of the plan:

  • Whether you want to go for a general medical check-up yearly or you have eyesight and hearing problem you are going to get help from this plan. Cost for the medicines is normally covered in Plan D of Medicare but in case of United Healthcare Medicare Supplement plans you will get that as well.
  • If you compare the premium amount you need to pay every month you will find it extremely competitive with market standards.
  • Your overall satisfaction with the application process and your trust on the repute organization are the other crucial factors in choosing the plan.

What you need to do:

As per the requirements are concern for getting United Healthcare Medicare Supplement you need to have Medicare Plan A and B. Secondly you should check the premium amount you have to pay per month. You can apply for the plan online. However, before applying you should also go through the benefits which you will get in future from the plan. Once you apply for it you will get it within a few days.

In case of applying online or if you have any doubt in understanding any of the clauses of the plan you can always take care of the customer care executives. In fact, they will be the best persons to provide you the right plan which will do more benefits for you.

Go for bigger coverage:

Often you want a bigger coverage amount but a small company does not provide it to you. With United Healthcare Medicare Supplement you will not face this problem. Being a highly repute and giant company in healthcare university they have the plans where you can get bigger coverage which will be extremely helpful for you.

So, if you want to keep your family and you absolutely safe and secure in case of healthcare you should not think twice before taking the Medicare Supplement Plan. You need not spend much but the benefits you will receive will be huge for sure. You will get the financial help when it will be extremely required.


An insight into the Medicare supplement plans

Medicare is likely to be used to pay for your health care services; still it does not cover for everything. There are few coverages that does not come under this medicare such as con-insurance, co-payments, deductibles etc. In order to give coverage for these things medicare supplement plans are used. In short, it is used to pay that costs that does not come under Medicare plan. Medicine Supplement Plans are also known as Medigap.

How do Medicare Supplement Plans work?

Medicare supplement plans are considered to be an additional health care facility offered by the private insurance companies in order to cover gaps in Medicare plan. This Medigap policy is basically regulated by the Federal and State Laws for protecting you as the beneficiary. Such policies are required to be properly labelled as the ‘Medicare Supplement Insurance’. Moreover, each of these policies is standardized for every State.

Eligibility Requirements


There are various eligibility requirements that are to be fulfilled first in order for you to be eligible to get its facility and benefits. Medicare Supplement Plans generally work in conjunction with the original Medicare Plan. Hence, you are required to have the Medicare part A as well as part B to be properly eligible for the Medigap. If you are 65 years of or above, then your application will surely be accepted. Under some specific circumstances the pre-existing conditions may be waived if required.

Medigap Plans or Humana Medicare Advantage plans 2019

In many places, there are twelve different standardized policies (Medicare Supplement Plans A through L) to choose from. Each of these plans is there to offer a distinct set of basic and extra benefits. It is same with all the insurance companies. An insurance company is likely to decide which policy they wish to sell or set their price, and that is why you are really required to do your research carefully.

Humana Medicare Advantage plan 2019

Medicare Supplement Plans never give coverage for the prescription drugs. You are never supposed to have both the medicare part D as well as Medigap drug coverage at a time. In

case, you have Medicare Prescription Drug plan as well as Medigap policy then you have to ask the Medigap insurance company to remove drug coverage from the policy.


Does Medigap really work with any advantage plan?


It does not. In case you get yourself enrolled in the Medicare Advantage Plan, then the Medicare coverage is not supposed to work at all. You are required to remove the Medigap policy if you select a plan other than original medicare plan.


The reasons for you to go for Medicare Supplement Plans

Do you visit hospitals or doctors frequently and pay a lot of money on this? If yes, then there are all the reasons for you to go for Medicare Supplement Plans. You are supposed to save a lot of money with the medicare supplement insurance plans. Even if you have original medicare insurance plan, you surely understand that it does not cover everything and this is why you need to have this supplement insurance plan in the first place.

More on Medicare supplement plan G for 2019

  • Medicare Supplement Plans are basically used to fill in the ‘gaps’ created by benefits given by the original Medicare part A as well as part B. This is why Medicare Supplement Plan is also called as Medigap. There are various additional medical expenses that are covered by this supplement plan. Some of these medical expenses are co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles etc. In case, you don’t have this supplement scheme then you would have to pay these additional medical scheme from your own pockets.


  • In 47 different states, 10 standardized medicare supplement insurance schemes are there. Each of these schemes is denoted by letter A to N. There are plenty of private insurance companies providing these schemes but they are not supposed to offer every scheme, rather they must offer plan A. If a company selects to provide any other medicare supplement scheme in addition to the plan A, they should provide either Plan F or Plan C along with some other standard supplement insurance scheme it provides.

Basic Benefits

  • Each and every medicare supplement plans is there to offer a completely different level of the basic benefits. Nevertheless, every lettered scheme is supposed to include same set of basic benefits irrespective of a company’s location or name. For instance, medicare supplement plan G in Texas comes with the same set of benefits as Plan G in Washington.


  • It is very important to know which expenses are not covered by medicare supplement plans. Some of such uncovered things are dental, vision, long-term care as well as hearing aids. Apart from these, the prescribed medicine expenses are not covered by the supplement plan. You need to go for some separate medicine insurance scheme in order to cover the said expenses.


  • The supplement plans are likely to work faster and smooth. You are supposed to reap the benefits efficiently and easily if the needs arise. Unlike other insurance it is quite hazardless and a quick method from every angle.


5 more preventive health screenings for seniors

When it comes to your health, prevention is the key. As a senior it is important to do the recommended preventive health screenings in order to detect diseases before they show any symptoms. The recommended preventive screenings for you will depend on your age, your gender, lifestyle choices and genetic predisposition. In another article we already shared 5 preventive screenings for older people, so in this article we will give more information about the topic with another list of 5 preventive health screenings for seniors.


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  1. Blood pressure tests

      Blood pressure consists in the pressure of blood in your circulatory system and it is related to the force and rate of your heartbeat and the diameter and elasticity of your arterial walls. Having high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, happens when the pressure of your blood pushing against the walls of your blood vessels is too high.

High blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease or stroke and it usually shows no symptoms. According to the American Heart association, 103 million adults suffer from hypertension in the U.S and this is the most common cause of cardiovascular disease-related deaths.

Blood pressure tests are recommended for all older adults, both men and women, and it should be done annually. If it results that you have high blood pressure, you will be asked to check it more times to confirm that is consistently high.

medicare advantage 2019

  1. Diabetes screenings

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood is too high because the body is unable to produce enough insulin or has a reduced response to it. It is estimated that around 65% of people over 65 years in the U.S have diabetes.

Diabetes screenings consist in a blood glucose test that should be done every three years for people up to 70 years or for older adults that have risk factors, like obesity, a family history of diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol levels. After a first test, if results are positive, the doctor will need to confirm it by repeating testing.

  1. Vaccination

     The U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends certain vaccines and boosters of some childhood immunizations. This is an important preventive health screening for seniors because they are at more risk of suffering some diseases due to a weaker immune system or due to suffering multiple conditions.

It is recommended to get influenza (flu) vaccine annually. A dose of Tdap and Td (and Tetanus-diptheria-pertussis and tetanus-diphtheria) is recommended for seniors who didn’t previously receive it and a booster every ten years for all seniors is also recommended. A dose of shingles (herpes zoster) vaccine and a dose of the two types of pneumococcal vaccines are recommended for all seniors.

These recommendations may vary depending on the health condition of the person.

  1. Lung cancer screenings

It is estimated that around two-thirds of patients who die from lung cancer in the U.S. are over 65 years old and 50% of people diagnosed with lung cancer are over 65 years old.

Lung cancer screenings consist of a low-dose computed tomography and it is recommended for all seniors up to 80 years old who have a 30 pack-year smoking history and currently smoke or have quit smoking within the past 15 years. This screening should be done annually.

  1. HIV screening

It may be surprising for some, but the population of seniors that suffer from HIV is increasing every year. This happens because nowadays, people who have HIV are expected to live as long as any other American and because seniors don’t frequently use condoms when having sex.

Although HIV screening is recommended for adults up to 65 years old, it is also recommended for older people at increased risk for HIV infection. This includes homosexual men, people with multiple partners, and people with past or present injection drug use.

The screening is recommended annually and it needs confirmation if results are positive.



Is Medicare Supplement Plan G the Best Plan?

The news is skimming around on the internet, that there will be bring down premiums for Medicare supplement designs M and N

For those of you that don’t understand what Medicare supplementary plans are, they are intended to complete the gap between the policy coverage of the original Medicare and the real bill, when it lands via the post office later. This “gapping” wound up noticeably vital when it was found that the original Medicare plan didn’t pay for each crucial medicinal service, and you were dealing with a medical disaster. So is Medicare supplement plan G the best Plan?

medicare supplement plan gIf you stop to consider that explanation, it will bode well to discover that there is more than one “gap” between the original plan and your bill. So as to take care of that gap, you do need Medicare in any case, and afterward supplement it with different plans to fill the gaps. This similarity is somewhat similar to filling teeth in that the dental practitioner takes the current original tooth and fills in the gaps with supplemental material to make it entire once more.

Notice the utilization of the expression “gap” and it will not shock anyone that the plans to fill in the original Medicare are referred to as Medigap policies. Medigap policies are controlled by private insurance companies who pitch them to people in general at different costs. While the plans themselves are standardized, which means they are the same in each express, the prices have a tendency to be different relying upon what the insurance organization wishes to charge for them.

In spite of the way that Medigap arrangements are controlled by private medical coverage companies, despite everything they should have normal guidelines to be taken after with regards to really offering the Medigap approaches. Most importantly is there are just 12 standard strategies running from design A to L. Each of their strategies has its own particular arrangement of benefits also.

What is frequently not comprehended by numerous individuals is that the greater part of the Medigap plans give customers the fundamental benefits of plans An and B, and notwithstanding the essential benefits, they likewise have their own points of interest.

The 12 designs (A-L) have been around since 1992, however now there were two “new” plans introduced in June 2010, plans M and N. The primary benefit of these two plan is that they give reduced premium rates as an alternate option to the current Medicare Supplement plans. Everything is clear about what plans M and N offer, it is known that they offer much lower premiums.

With any adjustment in Medicare or Medicare supplements, ensure you set aside the opportunity to read every policy you choose to purchase so you “know” just exactly what health coverage you really have.

How to Take Advantage of Medicare Insurance

Medical insurance is quite important in order to maintain a healthy retirement. Keeping active during all your golden years is something you must do but for everything to go well and you can do all those activities full of adventure that you want so much you must have health insurance such as Medicare.

With Medicare Insurance you have the possibility to be protected when you need it most especially during this retirement that you have recently started since you are over 65 years old. You may be asking yourself a lot of questions about what Medicare is and how it works, however, it is very easy to understand everything. You should not stress at all.

First of all, you should know that Medicare is a Health Program which is focused on being an aid for seniors and the disabled. In the beginning, it began as an exclusive program for retirees, but although they have now integrated the disabled, seniors remain the priority.

Now, this federal health program seeks to function as an easy-to-activate insurance which acts in response to health emergencies that require some hospitalization, medical examinations or even medical treatments that include remedies.

Taking advantage of Medicare Insurance is quite easy especially when you are in the middle of your retirement since you can do different things with each plan depending on the situation. Visit to learn more about Medicare supplement Plans.

Another important thing you can do with Medicare is medical exams.

If you have to do a checkup to know the state of your body you can do it without any problem as it is quite easy. You only have to activate part B and there all the studies you do will be covered. From mammograms to routine or blood tests.

On the other hand, if you are admitted to the hospital and you have to study to be able to have the proper diagnosis, part B is responsible for covering all these expenses as well as the doctors’ fees.

On the other hand, also if you have some regular treatment that requires you to buy medications periodically, we suggest activating part D of Medicare which will help you obtain all these remedies. The best thing is that they arrive super fast and you do not have to pay the total amount at that moment exactly, but you do it through monthly premiums.

The benefits that Medicare Insurance gives you many ways to enjoy the retirement so that you have many options to be protected during any medical emergency that you have to face.

If you are still wondering how to activate Medicare Insurance, all you have to do is have your Medicare card handy and give it to the administration staff which will be at your complete disposal so you can activate your insurance services.

They will observe the plans that you have included in your policy and from there it will be determined which one will be activated.

Medicare Insurance gives you exactly what you need so that your health is in perfect condition. Take advantage of all these benefits!